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We are David & Jonathan Bull, the owners of Southern Helicopters in the UK, and we’d like to share with you our enthusiasm for flying helicopters. We enable you to build and fly your own helicopter, the Rotorway A600 Talon.

Talon 600 Turbo


Talon 600 Turbo

The A600 Talon

We believe Rotorway’s A600 Talon is the best helicopter in its class. It’s based on top-class technology and built to the highest standards. The design is both attractive and practical. It seats 2 people in comfort, and has excellent visibility. Most importantly, all our pilots agree its an absolute joy to fly.  Flying on standard unleaded car fuel, it can take two people door to door from London to the South Coast in one hour on just thirty litres of fuel.

There’s more on our A600 Talon page.


You don’t need specialist skills and knowledge, or even specialist tools, to build your A600 Talon, because all the most complex items are completed in Rotorway’s factory and delivered to you ready assembled. Our pilots typically take roughly 800 to 900 hours to complete their helicopters.

There’s more on our Building Your Helicopter page.


Many people are surprised at how affordable the A600 Talon is it’s around the same price as  many 4×4 cars. To make it even more affordable, we offer a 4-stage payment plan, enabling you to purchase components as you need them.

Airborne !

All our pilots are full of enthusiasm for their helicopters. They love taking friends and family for flights, and love sharing their experiences with other pilots.

Come and join us !