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Dedicated in respect and admiration to B.J.Schramn, Rotorway Aircraft Founder, Designer and builder.

The Rotorway success story is a culmination of over 4 decades of perseverance, progress in engineering development, resolute determination and genuine hard work.  Today Rotorway continues to be driven by individuals that believe in the company’s mission to provide the Rotorway craft customer with a safe, affordable way to experience their dream of rotor wing flight.


Though relatively unknown, the Javelin was the prototype for the model that proceeded Rotorway’s first ‘marketed’ aircraft, the Scorpion. With testing as early as 1961, using a 40 horsepower motorcycle engine for power, the Javelin was the first design attempted by Rotorway founder B.J.Shramn.


Offered for purchase in 1967, the Scorpion was the first real personal helicopter on the market that actually flew. News of this ground breaking aircraft generated tremendous excitement in the aviation world. The Scorpion was an experimental aircraft in the true sense of the word, a pioneer in the concept of individual helicopter ownership and flight.


In 1974 Rotorway Aircraft embarked on a major redesign of the Scorpion 1 with the goal of reducing the amount of maintenance time required for every hour of flight. First to be addressed was the elimination of the inefficient 2 stroke engine.  Unable to find an engine manufacturer to make a 4 stroke engine suitable for a helicopter Rotorway set forth on an aspect of the company that is unique to this day, Manufacturing their own engine. Called the Rotorway RW 133 this 4 stroke engine now had the added power and torque the company were looking for.


In 1980, a whole new look evolved with the birth of the Exec, the Great Grandfather of the award winning Exec 162F. The body had a modern, sleek appearance reflecting the forward thinking of the company. Ione of the most significant improvements with this model was the elastomeric rotor system which greatly improved the ‘workhorse’ capabilities of the helicopter. As design concepts evolved in the late 80’s Rotorway created the Elete, a larger, attractive two place helicopter. The Elete had a Rotorway 152, water cooled, dual ignition 4 stroke engine.  After selling 3 Elete helicopters the company was purchased by a former customer, John Netherwood, a businessman from England.

EXEC 90.

Now called Rotorway International the company’s new ownership reviewed the Exec aircraft from top to bottom. Improvements were made to almost every aspect of the aircraft including the method of packing and organising the kit, the manuals and the customer service program, to assist the builder with technical information. The outcome of the redesign was the Exec 90, the only piston powered helicopter at the time to utilise an asymmetrical aerofoil for improved autorotation characteristics and safety.


In 1994, the company took a hard look at the carburetted engine used in the Exec 90 and knew they could do better. A fuel injection system with electronic ignition and redundant FADEC’s (Full Authority Digital Electronic Controls) was developed and the revolutionary award winning Exec 163F was born. FADEC was a technological development, unheard of in the experimental category and practiced only among a few certified helicopter companies.

Over the next decade Rotorway’s 162F became the number one choice in the personal helicopter marketplace, having earned that spot by providing a safe, reliable and enduring way to enjoy helicopter flight.


The A600 Talon is the proud successor of the award winning Exec 162F. The eighth generation A600 Talon showcases decades of Knowledge, pride of ownership and pure innovation. Today Rotorway is proud to deliver what our customers have asked for, the new A600 Talon. Featuring many upgrades including a shaft driven tail rotor, higher and wider landing gear, electric clutch, cog belt final drive and a glass cockpit it is probably the best Rotorway helicopter ever built.


With the company now Chinese owned but with the factory still in America Rotorway certainly do not stand still. Many improvement on the A600 Talon are still to come and the latest is a Turbo charged engine offering greater power and is said to be a ‘game changer ’by  all who have flown this great helicopter. With still more to come it’s a case of watch this space.