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Sign-off and Liability

Work In Progress

Work In Progress

One of the benefits of a permit helicopter is that the owner should be able to do his own maintenance but this is not always an option because of liability restrictions.

All maintenance must be signed off by a licensed helicopter engineer.  Because of the liability issue there are less and less engineers willing to sign off owners own helicopter maintenance, they do not mind signing off the first build but on-going maintenance does cause them concern.

If you know an engineer and you can build up a trust with him then he will may let you do your own maintenance. It has to be remembered that if any thing should go wrong or your own maintenance is not done correctly it will be the engineer’s license that is on the line as the engineer is only overseeing your work and not actually doing it, this is where the problem comes from.

Southern Helicopters Can Help

Our Workshop

Our Workshop

That is why we at Southern Helicopters are doing more and more maintenance for owners, it’s not that we push it but this is what is happening. There are of course many owners who do not want to do their own maintenance, this is especially true of those who have not built their own helicopter.  But what ever way you wish to go we are always here to help. With our 20 years experience on type we are CAA approved to sign off our own maintenance and repair work. It should be noted that the CAA may issue appropriately qualified owners authorisation to carry out some service inspections on their own helicopter and sign off the work.But the type of inspections allowed are very basic and do not extend to annual inspections or large component replacement.  We can also carry out stage inspections during a kit build and help with any paperwork.


Southern Helicopters carries many thousands of pounds of Rotorway running spares covering belts, hoses, seals, bearings and AN bolts. We also stock many smaller parts that may be required by builders during their build. Non stock items can be ordered by us from Rotorway for delivery in around 5 to 7 days.

We also stock oils, anti-freeze, grease, glue etc. in fact all your needs to keep your Rotorway in the air.

Non kit supplied options which cover radio’s, transponders, strobe lights, internal linings and made up wiring looms for your extras can also be quoted for. So, what ever your needs for your Rotorway helicopter may be, give us a call.


Southern Helicopters offer a full repair service, from upgrades and modifications through to major rebuilds.  With many spares in stock and our ability to sign off our own work, a speedy return to flying can be guaranteed.

General servicing is also undertaken, with annuals carried out at our Hertfordshire base although 25 or 50 hour services can be done at your site. With our CAA approvals and 20 years involvement with Rotorway machines, keeping your helicopter in tip top condition is our aim.

We also have facilities for paint spraying, either small parts like pedals and other steel parts through to cockpit interiors and complete helicopters. Working in two pack polyurethane, metallic or flip flop paint all manner of designs can be catered for. Art work and stick on signs/numbers can also be supplied.