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Buying your helicopter pre-built.

For some people half or more of the pleasure lies in building the helicopter themselves. Others, who simply want the pleasure of flying a superb machine, need not be put off. Excellent ready-built machines occasionally come on the market.

Machines bought from Southern Helicopters have been thoroughly tested and maintained. Please see below for examples of machines currently available from us and other sellers.

For further details please contact the owners directly, or ourselves at Southern Helicopters.

Rotorway Exec 162F G-CCFY

Rotorway Exec 162F G-CCFY £42,000

Exec 162F G-BZBW

Rotorway Exec 162F G-BZBW £38,000

Exec 162F G-RWAY

Rotorway Exec 162F G-RWAY £40,000