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Our Story

Jonathan and David Bull farmed together since leaving school. Their family farm is next to Stansted airport, and they were both dedicated helicopter enthusiasts.  When they lost most of their family farm to the Stansted airport expansion, they used that as an opportunity to follow their love of flying.

Our Hangar Workshop

Our Hangar Workshop

They visited Rotorway in Arizona and were asked to become the sole UK and Southern Ireland distributor.   More visits were made to the Rotorway factory with extensive training on rigging and flight training.

Now with twenty years on type they have multiple approvals from the CAA.  The main one enables them to carry out 25/50 hour and annual servicing and sign off the work. They have built several Rotorways and carry out maintenance on many more.

A claim to fame was helping Mark Evans built a Rotorway Exec 162F for the TV series “A Chopper Is Born”.



Seeking approval for the new Rotorway A600 Turbo.


Full CAA  UK approval for the Rotorway A600 Talon.


Outside the Hangar

Outside the Hangar

The brothers get CAA approval for the Helipac luggage carrying system. An electronic blade balancing system is installed at Southern Helicopters.


Mark Evans makes documentary “A Chopper is Born” with help from Southern Helicopters.

Jonathan and David

Jonathan and David


The Exec162F is passed by the CAA at a grade higher than required.


The first Rotorway Exec 162F kit is sold


The new Exec 162F is launched and the brothers built the first one in the UK and worked with CAA to

The Brothers

The Brothers

gain approval.


The brothers build a Rotorway Exec 90. They are invited by Rotorway to become their sole UK distributor, and Rotorway UK is formed.